It's been a cool day so far... Our homie that we stayed with in San Diego last year came through and chilled with us for a bit. 
Today we went to his friend's studio, where I got free oreos. Yum. 

Right now, we're at another friend's house and in his studio. Haha... A lot of music stuff going on today! 

I can't say it enough, I love having creative people around me. 
It inspires me to do better.

We only had breakfast today (egg wraps with a side of some pineapple and plum) so we're starving right now! About to head out and go get some food... 

In San Diego... I know that it looks like i've got a bigass booty or something... But nah, it's just my purse!

Postat av: mami

Den här bilden är fantastiskt fin!

2012-10-13 @ 12:45:31

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