We stayed at our friend's house last night so that the guys could work on some music. Me and my love went to this mexican restaurant in the neighborhood and we absolutely loved it! So yummy!
I had chicken fajita with corn tortillas and my babe ordered a wet burrito. Yep, you could eat it wet or dry haha...

When we were done, ,we realized that they were actually closing when we got there but they still let us eat. I felt kinda bad, haha... But THANK YOU! 

For dessert, I had a 7eleven brownie. I love those! They're so expensive in Sweden but here they cost a little over a dollar. 

Since this seems to be a food post haha, I'll continue and tell you what we ate today! We were so hungry when we got off the train so we went to McDonalds. And hear this, we got 20 nuggets, big mac meal, medium fries, a cheeseburger and a mcdouble for about $13! CHEAP. No wonder people are so fat here! 

I'm happy that the dollar is so low low low. 

McDonalds in Sweden... Or "Donken" as we like to call it.


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